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At HFJS Design Technology is an engaging, practical and inspiring subject. It is planned and designed with three phrases in mind: Explore, Make and Design. The first element of this allows children the chance to explore existing products, to learn from how they work and consider their flaws and assets. The second phrase is a chance to develop the children’s skills in a variety of ways, E.G. building structures and testing their strength, the children find will also develop their problem solving skills and have to think critically to overcome barriers. The final phrase is designing a product with a purpose, the children will need to consider who the product is for, how it can be useful, the value of the design and preferences for the design. Throughout all the stages the children will develop practical skills and knowledge, putting them to good use in their own work.

The DT curriculum is encompassed of these main topics: Mechanisms, Structures, Electrical Systems, Cooking and Nutrition and Textiles. They will visit three of these topics a year and therefore cover them all twice in their time at HFJS. The revisiting of skill means they will develop their skills at a deeper level when they revisit the topics, offering progression and deepening understanding.

Design technology links our experiences of the wider world and the design of useful, practical or essential products. The children will be challenged to be innovative to improve existing designs or create their own. This year we are planning a hold a whole school cooking and nutrition unit, which will take place in the spring term. We will be learning about Free Trade products, where they come from and the hardships involved in farming them. We will be tasting and testing the food products and using them to create our own recipes. We are hoping to have a bake sale to celebrate our learning and our recipe designs during Free Trade weeks.

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