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It is our school intent to make all of our pupils confident and reflective artists. We recognise the importance of exposing pupils to art of all varieties, genres and mediums. At the start of each unit, children are exposed to a variety of artists who all have something in common with the final piece that they will be producing at the end of a unit: art movements, genre, medium or content could be the link. At this point, children are encouraged to critique other artists’ work and comment on what they like/dislike about it using the following vocabulary embedded into each art lesson:  


Light and dark




There is a culture that everyone’s art is valid and appreciate that everyone’s ‘taste’ in art is different just like everyone’s taste in books. We celebrate diversity and look at what pieces might mean to different people and recognise that art may be perceived differently and is subjective to the artist and viewer and that these may or may not match; intention does not always correlate with perception.

After exploring artists, children experiment with mediums. Through modelling and exploration and shared successes children become experts in the medium ready for producing the final piece. In upper KS2 children are sometimes given two or three mediums to experiment with and to choose from explaining their thought process in their sketch books. 

Drawing: Each art unit will have a drawing skills lesson as this skill underpins every art piece produced- even sculpture will be planned in 2D before the making begins.

Eventually children draw on their experiences from other artists, their experimentation from the medium and their drawing and planning process to put all that they have learnt together. Children are encouraged to spend a minimum of 2 lessons on a final piece.

Finally children peer or self-evaluate their work and the work of others. This is an important part of the process in them being reflective and ensures that the children

Throughout the year, children also take part in art competitions which link to the local history run by the Higham council; make Christmas cards to sell to family and friends; make African masks as part of the celebrations for Black History month and make poppies to contribute to the local memorial for armistice day.

To Be The Best You Can Be

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