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At Higham Ferrers Junior School, the music curriculum is challenging and provides all children with the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. All pupils gain experience of performing to an audience and throughout their time at the junior school, they experience a fully integrated music curriculum which explores performing, composing, listening and appraising.


Further opportunities are provided at extra-curricular activities in which all pupils are encouraged to participate – choir, Sparkle, Young musician and peripatetic lessons. The choir performs regularly in school, local community events. 

A music specialist teaches the subject in KS2 and plans the work based on Kapow.  All units of work show clear progression throughout the school and ensure that pupils revisit key objectives throughout their time here to ensure that their learning is memorable.


We are very well resourced at HFJS, having a wide range of musical instruments for children to play individually (glockenspiels, recorders etc).  All pupils learn, enjoy and recognise the importance of music in developing a wider sense of the world. They are able to listen sensitively and analytically to a range of musical styles – including non-western experiences and are given the opportunity to make music from a diverse range of cultures. Music teaches students about the unique aspects of their relationships with other human beings and with the world around them, in their own and other cultures.


Opportunities are provided for all pupils to work with external musicians throughout their time here. This can take the form of workshops and performances – e.g African Drumming experience.  Pupils are encouraged throughout the school to develop a wide music vocabulary and this is evident when reading reviews or when discussing musical extracts. Recordings are made to show examples of children’s work which is a useful tool for assessment and evaluation purposes.

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