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Science at HFJS is taught weekly based the Cornerstones Curriculum.  Interactive Learning Projects for the year group are voted for by the children before the year begins.  For science-led projects, the children complete science lessons which link with their project.  During other terms then the national curriculum programme of study is followed and Science lessons are taught discreetly.  We ensure all of the National Curriculum programmes of study are taught during the school year.  Please see our science overview for this academic year.

 At HFJS the staff agree that children need to be given the opportunity to be creative when exploring a programme of study.  This will need to engagement and excitement for the learning.  We ensure that all resources and equipment is available to scaffold and assist in the children’s experiences in Science.  We like the children to have a variety of opportunities to use practical resources and undertake fun experiments.  We believe that children should ask questions and find ways to answer them.  We encourage an environment of exploration, investigation and collaboration.

At the beginning of each new Science programme of study, children are given opportunities to demonstrate the previous learning in the subject.  Then practical experiences are given to ensure they have ‘a hands on approach’ and can explore different materials to increase their scientific vocabulary.  Knowledge organisers are also used to remind the children of key science knowledge and vocabulary for that programme of study their understanding in Science.  As part of the learning, children answer questions by planning, conducting and evaluating scientific investigations. At the end of a unit of work, the children are assessed by their teacher to show progression and identify any gaps.

To help children remember key scientific knowledge we use flashbacks at the beginning of each lesson to remind us of our prior learning.  We also use story books which link with Scientific phenomena as part of our Reading Skills lessons to remember previous learning in science.

Science Week is celebrated yearly using a whole school investigation.  This year the theme was growth and each year group conducted a different investigation involving growth.  In The children completed investigations and research into human growth, animal lifecycles and the impact traffic growth has for climate change.

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