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Rewards and Sanctions

Higham Ferrers Junior School aims to provide high standards of behaviour and learning through positive encouragement and rewards.

Possible Rewards

  1. You will be praised

  2. You will be given team points, which when they are added up will get the following awards

    • Bronze Award = 50 points    

    • Silver Award = 100 points

    • Gold Award = 150 points        

    • Platinum Award = 200 points

    • Diamond Award = 300 points

  3. Stickers are also given for very good pieces of work.

  4. Pupil of the Day – each day your class teacher will decide who deserves this award.

  5. Star reader is presented every other week - your class teacher will nominate someone who has shown dedication to reading in and out of school.

  6. Maths Marvel is presented every other week - your teacher will nominate someone who has worked hard or shown great maths skills.

  7. VIP- every other week a child is selected to be the VIP and walk down the red carpet in our celebration assembly.

General Behaviour Sanctions: We actively support and encourage adherence to the school rules within our everyday curriculum and conduct. Pupils continue to be taught a range of strategies to ensure their personal safety is maintained both in and out of school.

If unacceptable behaviour occurs or children do not adhere to the protective measure put in place then a range of sanctions that can be enforced are available to staff members.

The school has adopted the ‘1, 2, 3 Magic’ Behaviour Management Strategy which all adults in school consistently follow. Children are made fully aware of the school’s behaviour expectations through assemblies, PSHE and the curriculum. For those behaviours deemed to be serious infringements, detention will be applied. 1,2,3 Magic is split into ‘Start’ and ‘Stop’ behaviours. ‘Start’ behaviours are what we want the children to do. ‘Stop’ behaviours are what we want the children to stop and only these are counted.

To Be The Best You Can Be

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