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Our School Vision

School Vision: Our school is a nurturing environment and a happy place because children, secure in and familiar with their surroundings, are more likely to learn and achieve success.  Our learning environment allows the freedom for mistakes, providing opportunities to learn from them in order to build confidence and resilience creating independent thinkers. We work openly with our community, actively engaging in local events and welcome parental support.

Be curious  - Be creative - Be confident

  • We are curious by providing opportunities for children to encounter all areas of education experience: aesthetic and creative, ethical, linguistic, mathematical, physical, scientific, social and spiritual.

  • We are creative by working in an atmosphere in which quality learning can be achieved through the provision of experiences which stimulate the imagination, develop creative awareness, a keenness for exploration and a quest for understanding.

  • We are confident by fostering a sense of community, emphasising both the rights and responsibilities of all members and upholding those rules and values which are necessary to prepare children for life within the wider community.  We aim to provide them with a positive awareness of what it means to be a good citizen.

  • We strive to create a happy, safe and welcoming environment which promotes and stimulates children's learning and which provides equal opportunity for all children to reach their potential.  We acknowledge and foster each child's worth and individual talents, regardless of gender, race, creed or disability. We aim to provide each individual with a strong sense of wellbeing and belonging. We generate respect and caring for others through helping and sharing, encouraging respect for property and for the environment.

To Be The Best You Can Be

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